The Grandmother & Granddaughter Vision

Once upon a crisp April morning, in the land known as Everett, WA, the phone began to jingle. Sandi, the grandmother of all time, answered the phone to receive an odd request from a close friend. The request was to make two to four hundred masks as soon as possible for essential workers in the industrial district of town. Sandi hopped to her feet, with eyes wide wondering how she was going to manage to make this possible. As she pondered, her eyes shifted across the living room and landed on her grandchild, Serena. Unbeknownst to either of them, they were about to set off on a journey, that would alter their paths forward. 

It was then that Jet City Sewing began. As a favor to a friend, and with a passion to help those in need as we navigate uncharted waters in America, these two women band together to do their part in helping your family!

Jet City Sewing

Fashionable Face Masks for Your Entire Family

Jet City Sewing was designed and created by Sandi & Serena in order to assist in supplying essential workers with washable masks to keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their passion to help others led them to create Jet City Sewing, to help your family stay safe, fashionably.

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